How to get a “Will” registered in Abu Dhabi

How to get a “Will” registered in Abu Dhabi

If truth be told, registering a will in the UAE is not something too hard. This particularly holds true for Abu Dhabi. The best part is that the fee for will registration has been reduced to a mere 950Dh this December. You just need to visit DIFC Wills and probate registry office. “Just Wills Dubai” holds the potential to easily process a full will drafting license. This is most reliable company in Middle East and it can help you in all this process. This is the first will drafting company in GCC. This company also offers you a complete end to end services including execution service. They also know the law of Islamic inheritance. This company offering will write services in UAE for almost 20 years.

What should you have beforehand?

• You should have a copy of your Emirates ID.

• Original passport with copies.

• Will document to be legalized with sufficient number of copies for all concerned parties and a copy to help maintain a record.

• Proof of bequeathed property ownership and clear documentation of the property must be at hand.

 • Official translation that has already been attested by the Ministry of Justice is required. It is important for the documents to be drafted in a second language.

Submission of application and basic approval

The Judicial Department’s website is readily available for all to submit their applications. The application is viewed and verified to ascertain that it fulfills all the basic requirements. You will have application approval or modification message on your phone. The best part is that the application fee can also be paid over the internet.

After submitting your application you can contact to the Wills registration office to arrange an appointment for the process of approving your application. Then you have to visit the office on the fixed date to submit your original documents for further processing. After completing all this procedure your “Will” is legalized and   will be delivered by the Notary public of the department.

You can visit Abu Dhabi Judicial Department by yourself or can get services from reputed law agencies which can help you to get a Will in Abu Dhabi. This procedure was very complicated and expensive but now they have reduced the charges fee of will from 5500 to 950 Dirham.